: Traxxas rustler Vxl

05-01-2019, 03:24 PM
Hi all, just joined this page and was wondering how many of you have the new traxxas rustler Vxl? I’ve also got a summit which I’m letting the kids use now I’ve got my new toy, I opted for a lipo battery and changed the gearing it came with for some good speed! It’s definitely quick but I’m only getting around 1-2mins run time as it goes into overheat shutdown mode to protect the speed controller, I’m disappointed it can’t handle it as it’s only Rd use,
Have many others had this problem?

23-04-2019, 01:45 PM
if you think overheating is caused by overgearing, gear it down back to original then

08-07-2019, 04:08 PM
Nice to have you here guys, welcome to this forum. I think you need to change your gear oil.