: 12s brushless RS5 CR007

24-10-2013, 12:37 PM
I found this RS5 CR007 as a roller is average condition with a few bits and pieces missing and worn out. It had front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, as well as a set of good wheels and tyres. So I figured it was an ok deal and good chance to try another brushless conversion.

My aims for this conversion are:
High voltage
Keep the aesthetics and make it look cool
Non priorities include weight saving, using RS5 parts exclusively.

For the drivetrain 'consumables' like the diff ring, layshaft gear, spur and pinion gear Iím happy to use Mod 1.5 gears from the FG and also cloned stuff from Hobbyking,

http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/Rearfocus_zpsece0a22e.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/Rearfocus_zpsece0a22e.jpg.html)

http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/Frontfocus_zps292e240b.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/Frontfocus_zps292e240b.jpg.html)
I am also a DSLR noob.

First look
The chassis is a bit banged up from underneath.
There are thin aluminium chassis protector plates on the front and rear, which were worn.
The bottom of the chassis is pretty scratched up with some gouges.
There is a combination of hex and torx screws needing replacement.

Diff ring gear was missing
16T Layshaft gear severely worn
40T Spur gear moderate-severely and unevenly worn - gearing is limited, a 44t spur rubs with the rear lower arm
24T Pinion gear severely worn
Unneeded fuel tank in good condition!

Requires servos steering/brake linkages

Seem to work, needed a $17 part to complete.

Wheels/tyres ok

More to follow.

24-10-2013, 12:45 PM
If you want to have more in focus at one time, lower your aperture ie. f5.8 rather than f1.8

01-11-2013, 04:51 AM
http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/IMG_3404_zps6e7fdedc.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/IMG_3404_zps6e7fdedc.jpg.html)

http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/IMG_3406_zps86021614.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/IMG_3406_zps86021614.jpg.html)

Batteries have arrived. Total onboard capacity of 12s 4500mAh.

Still needs a fair bit more work to finish:
Carbon top plate, front wall for the battery compartment
Still tossing up between air and water cooling, as well as ESC choice.
Need to get my butt into gear and sort out how I'm going to paint the body.

01-11-2013, 07:00 AM
I'm excited to see this one!

02-11-2013, 02:19 AM
Here are my two main options for the ESC at this stage

I picked up the Hydra brand new for cheap.

http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/IMG_3408_zps85b98bb4.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/IMG_3408_zps85b98bb4.jpg.html)

http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g408/kimsbored/RS5/IMG_3409_zpsb39dc6bc.jpg (http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/kimsbored/media/RS5/IMG_3409_zpsb39dc6bc.jpg.html)

Water cooling:
Castle Creations Hydra 240a HV ESC which can handle 12s.
Magicool slim 2x40mm radiator
2x 40x40x20mm high speed fans
Cheapbay water pump

Air cooling:
YEP 120a HV ESC, handle upto 14s,
Hobbyking heatsink 80x50mm
Probably the same 2 40mm fans
+/- Pistix, if I can setup my 3pks correctly.

Still haven't decided yet, will probably go with the water cooling, mainly cos it looks cool.
If that bombs, then oh well.

02-11-2013, 06:49 AM
Liking what I see...

Those tyres need a fair bit of warming up....Burn Outs are a must to get the traction happening : )

02-11-2013, 09:01 PM
Loving what im seeing. Inbox me about your bodyshell. See what we can come up with. I can not wait to see this thing go. No need to worry about warming tyres up. Quick squeeze of the trigger and those rears will be smoking.....