: K-7Xii adaptor cable for Phoenix Simulator

31-07-2013, 03:41 PM
after doing a bit of searching around online to try find an adaptor cable to suit the K-7Xii transmitter to use with the phoenix simulator cable, and not finding anything of help, i decided to probe the transmitter to see if i could make one.

i have drawn up a wiring diagram of the setup that i found to work. note that the colour code of the cables in the picture don't necessarily correlate to the colour code inside the controller. on the controller socket the Tip seems to be the PPM signal while the Ring and the Sleeve need to be shorted to put the transmitter into PPM mode. the Tip on the Phoenix simulator cable is also the PPM signal while the Ring has the other two cables (the shorted ones) connected.

I have tested this setup with my controller and simulator and seems to work fine but, as with everything you find online, comes with no warranty.