: My "Rehab" trex 100s..

22-04-2011, 11:19 AM
Hi to all,

Haven't been on in a while, sorta had a mishap that curtailed the flyin. In any case, here is my new "Rehab" T100.
Had a motorcycle accident last year that has only just let me come home & in an effort to keep myself amused during the day, I'm trying to return to the fold. As a beginner so to speak..
Unfortunately, even hovering the T450 has proven difficult & potentially expensive as the hands & fingers can't quite handle the pace..

Anyway, here is my solution. Acquired a Trex 100 & i've gotta say, even after a few days the Rehab potential is great.. Only have a lil Walkera to compare it to, but this thing is great. Stable & super easy to cruise around with, i recommend one as an easy to handle Beginners choice.

Also gives me a chance to tear down & tart up the 450 for when the hands r ready.

Here she is. Anyone else have opinions on the new baby from Align??


22-04-2011, 12:43 PM
I have Flown it a few times and i think it is a fantastic little heli i think its a little twichy but over all a great learning heli for everyone.

Although now that blade have brought out the MCPX that is capable of full 3d, Align might bring a new one out soon enough...

I fly a trex 250 and i find that has a bit of a unstable side to it between 1 meter and 3 meters after that it will hover for a full pack not touching the remote lol

Have you found the trex 100 Twichy?

Cheers brad

22-04-2011, 12:46 PM
Align have a 3G 100 size in development.

The Blade MCPX has had its problems from my reading.

I like Align and I'm hoping the 3G will be a good little unit when it comes out.



22-04-2011, 01:10 PM
Hey Brad,
Bit hard to judge on the twitchy issue. Fingers r a bit slow so i'm probably not a good judge. But having said that, i can fly it which means it can't be too bad i suppose. Waiting for the wind outside to drop off a bit to let lose..

I've seen some of the 3G 100 stuff & i think it might be a goer eventually. Might try n get some basic flying sorted before upping the ante tho. lol

Can't really compare to others in the size range, been away for too long i think.. I know i love the T100 so far tho. Just need to get some more stick time!!!

Uba Tracker
23-04-2011, 09:06 PM
Sorry to hear about the bike accident, I know from personal experience that rehab or even convalescense can be a desolate boring existence. So thank goodness for miniature RC Heli's to keep the brain active and interest levels up. Seems like an ideal therapy to retrain those fingers to do what you want 'em to do. I've never even seen one in the flesh but they look like a spunky little heli.