: Hirobo SDX 50 Nitro. Build Complete

30-08-2010, 09:14 AM
Just wanted to show pics of a recent addition to my RCís. A Hirobo SDX 50 Nitro. The build went well. Iím half way running in the engine.

* Stock Build
* DX7
* JR RD721
* OS 50SX-H Hyper Nitro Engine
* HOBBYWING UBEC Continuous 8A, Max 15A. Includes a 5.1v Step-Down Voltage Regulator
* BMS-661MG+HS Super Fast Digital Metal Gear Servos on cyclic/throttle. (Temperary Installation only)
* Inertia 860 Headlock gyro/Futaba s9254
* TRex 600mm Glass Fibre main blades
* Curtis Youngblood MP5 Muscle pipe
* Flight Power EVO25 1500mah 11.1v lipo (Ex HBK2 flight packs) for RX, use with external HOBBYWING UBEC
* Prolux On Board Glow Driver system - DC 4.8 ~ 6.0V (Run directly from the external HOBBYWING UBEC)
* HFSSTQ01 - Align Super Starter (Flight Power EVO25 1500mah 11.1v flight pack power supply)
* Modified Mazda oil filter and water hose fittings for external air
* 3 way fuel filter
* Header tank
* 5ltr Pressure Sprayer for use as a Fuel Cell
* Running 30% Nitro
* Painted at work in Wattyl Two Pack Colourthane Epoxy.