: Belt driven drifter setup

29-03-2010, 11:14 PM
Hi guys,

I'm a rookie in the rc Nitro drifting world (My first post on here too) and I'm a little lost on where to go. I'm in the process of acquiring a Kyosho V-One RR Evo and I plan to turn her into a nitro drifter.

Being a roller I'm a little lost on what sort of engine to pick in terms of capacity. My LHS recommends a .18 engine to give me the extra grunt I need whereas more common onroad cars tend to use a .12 engine. What are your thoughts on this?

After a little reading I've deduced that I'm going to have to lock up the diffs. 4wd (or is AWD more appropriate??) drifting seems to be the way to go here and in terms of tire setup it seems the 'cheese-grater' set up of 26's @ fronts and 30's rear (or was it vice versa?:confused:) is the more popular setup. (I'm assuming that most people tend to use drift tyres and not foams for drifting)

Also heard that small stones are enough to snap the belts. Are there any methods to combat this?

Any feedback would be appreciated from you guys as you would have more experience than me.:)

drift crazy
12-05-2010, 03:06 PM
Your ganna be drifting in the street? If so stones may be a problem, just try to pick a clean spot.LOL altough when drifting speed isnt the most important thing so you should be fine. You tend to run into problems when going flat out with stones than with drifting. As for engines .18 should be plenty. they stock .12 so you will upgrade them to get more money out of you anyway. LOL As long as you tune it right .18 will be perfect. As for tyres, you need a hard compound tyre to drift with, width doesnt have that much to do with it, but if you have a slighty harder compound on the front than back, it will push the rear a little easier (try to overtake the front = drifting) Also practice is the key, you really need to learn your throttle control to perfect your drifting and dont lock your front diff permanently to start with as you may not like the style of drifting it will give you, just try filling it with rags first. with both diffs locked it doesnt take much to spin the car but with only rear locked you have to give it a bit more power to slide it, give it a go and let me know how things are, and welcome to the world of nitro drifting.

20-06-2010, 12:24 PM
Thanks for the reply Drift_Crazy.

Probably not gonna be a street drifter. I plan to drift on smooth-ish surfaces like a basketball court, a nice smooth asphalted shopping centre carpark or the new warehouse we're about to move into at work.

Since I last posted this I've actually changed setup so I've gone from a Kyosho V One RR Evo to an FW05R. Went down in engine size to an STS .12 as well. It's gonna be a combination of drift and track-ish as I've gone for more of an rc gymkhana route this time with the new car.

New car should be finished within the week so I'll be able to start trials soon. I'll keep you guys updated!