: PRECC Endurance RACE - Results

09-12-2004, 08:09 AM
Well the Precc end of year endurance race is over for another year. Format was the same from previous years, 3 drivers to make a team, 30 mins of sports tune, 30 mins of stock touring, and 30 mins of modified. 1.5 hrs of racing on a hot night, perfect!

Start of the race was hectic as usual, and it didnt get any better until the final buzzer went at the end of 1.5 hrs. Steve James, Joe Hall and myself (Aaron Freind) made up Stanbridges Racing Team.

So we started the race with the sports tune. We decided on running a Tamiya TT-01 with Tamiya 26mm tyres and the regular heatsink on a new sports tune. We had faith it wouldmake it, but we had a spare motor ready to run if it went pear shaped. Steve drove really well, and we had planned on only 1 battery change, but our batteries werent set right, maybe another cycle would have brought them up to scratch, so a quick battery changeat around the 25 min mark was required.We finished this section 5 laps ahead of our nearest competitor Sam al Sam racing (SAS).

Next up was me with the stock class. Again we decided on a TT-01 with Tamiya 26mm tyres. We have never seen a TT-01 break, and these little cars didnt let us down. I ran a Kisbey Stock motor with ball bearings and enduro brushes. Up top was a std Tamiya Heatsink and a Mtroniks speedy did the power delivery (punch set to minimum!). I went conservative on the setup, concerning myself with keeping the motor very cool and getting long run times rather than speed. It was clear early that our competitors (SAS) had opted for speed. They were using a Tamiya Syrikarn, and a really quick stock engine. After10 mins into the stock, we were concerned as they were gaining very fast on our lead, and eventually over took us. we were still pealing off consistently quick laps, plus we realised that we were getting just over 10 mins with my setup, easily enough for only two stops. Good thing was, we realised that (SAS) were only getting to around 7 mins before severe dumping. So with that in mind i stopped running conservatively and started punching the throttle. Our lap times started to drop. And as expected, the SAS car started to suffer from over heating, and had a very bad battery change when one of their side by side cells came loose....I had a reasonably trouble free run and finished out the 30 mins of stock with only two battery changes. plus my motor was seriously cold after the entire 30 mins! i never thought it could keep that cool! So big grins all round (and that motor has now been cleaned and stored for the next endurance race!!!) we were also now 9 laps ahead of SAS.

Into the final class, modified. So far we hadnt even had any hiccups, no broken parts, no early dumping, no over heated engines. We were quietly confident. Young Joe Hall took the stand using his TC3 with a Hacker Brushless setup. Not only was this thing ridiculously quick, but it handled fantastic running on Tamiya Type A 24mm slicks. Joe drove faultlessly and just rolled the brushless through the corners. SAS's Modified driver, Sam Singlee had a few problems. Sam was also running a Hacker Brushless but he was running a HPI pro 4. Sam had problems with the rear diff of the pro 4 and driving with basically front wheel drive only is not fun. So we extended our lead over the last 30 min stint. We only had one problem in this stint too, when joes battery came out of the TC3 after a heavy crash. No problem, battery back in and joe was again circulating.

We finished the race with a total of 351 laps. Next was SAS with 323 and third was Boris's team on 294, so we were very pleased with the result. All cars handled perfectly, our motors gave us no trouble and the old Tamiya 3300's gave us plenty of run time. Big thanks to Rob (Steve's Bro in Law) for doing our quick batt changes.

Cant wait till next year and the new track! https://www.ausrc.com/forum/smileys/smiley4.gif

For the results check out http://www.grscomputers.com.au/perthrecc Edited by: axle182

09-12-2004, 09:13 AM
what car did you, use in the modified???

09-12-2004, 09:27 AM
Joe Hall ran his TC3 in the mod class for us. Its in the post https://www.ausrc.com/forum/smileys/smiley4.gif