: Blade 400 Stock Gyro Set up/adjust...

26-05-2009, 03:22 PM
I have a Blade 400 which has hit the paddock a couple of times but I am now a dab hand at replacing main shafts and f-shafts! However there are a few niggles appearing with the Gyro.

The first thing I have noticed is that during nomal stable hover, if I add rudder one way the heli turns no problem (pirouhettes) however the other way - it drags the head rpm down and won't rotate as quick. I do have an issue with the servo travel - it may be too far one way. is the current draw from a bottomed out servo affecting the head speed?

There is also a problem with a slight tail wag. I am assuming some gain adjustment will assist. My question is - at what point do I need to adjust the Gyro "on" the Gyro rather than gain on the TX?

Is there a more concise guide than this guy "sokal11" on YouTube? He means well and some of it is useful however his Gyro set up is for a GY401 and not the stock Gyro.

If you can be of assistance or point to a more concise resource or instructions for setting up or checking the standard Gyro it would be appreciated.


26-05-2009, 04:32 PM
have you checked for stripped gears in the tail servo and stripped splines on the servo output gear and servo horn...??

switch the gyro to non hh mode and make sure the tail servo arm is at 90 deg to the servo; then adjust the tail pushrod length till the tail control belcrank is at 90 deg to the boom .... hover the heli in non hh mode and "fine tune " the tail pushrod length untill the yaw is non existant , or at least very slow.....

all the gyro adjustments are done at the TX.....