: Gasser two-stroke oil ration

24-01-2009, 08:52 AM
Hey folks,

What sort of oil ratio do you folks run in your gasser helicopters? I've heard/read so many different theories on this that it is bewildering.

If I start with what the Zenoah manual says, it calls for a 25:1 mix:

"Mix high-octane (over 95) gasoline and high grade 2 cycle oil (JASO FC Grade oil or ISO EGC grade) in the ratio of 25 : 1."

Peter, I thought I recalled you saying the you use a 33:1 with a Stihl Oil or was it Castrol Activ 2T that you used?

Interesting that Stihl recommend 50:1 in their range of two-stroke powered equipment. Not that I'm trying to compare a brush cutter engine with the heli engine for application and settings... but still, food for thought.

24-01-2009, 02:41 PM
Yep . I run 32:1 Activ2t ; mineral oil , to run in a new/rebuilt motor , then 32:1 Valvoline 2 stroke racing oil p/n 1118.60..

Run in is usually around 3 litres of fuel, 1st flight just easy circuit flying , then gradually making the heli earn its keep!!!