: how tight to have main rotor blades

04-06-2008, 08:11 AM
How tight are the main blades meant to be? the manual says to grab hold of either end and pull them to allign them. This must mean they should be kind of loose. cheers

04-06-2008, 08:22 AM
it depends on the heli to a certain extent ... on the small electrics, the blades need to be firm in the grips; the bigger the heli/blade , the tighter the grips should be ..
a general rule is to set the blades in the normal flying position , hold a paddle with one hand and move a blade with the other hand .. the flybar should flex 20-30mm before the blade slips in the grip.... but on some of the cheap helis , the flybar will bend first!!!!

if you're flying a 50 or 90 size machine pretty hard , the blades will need to be even tighter; the reason for this is that the advancing blade , as they rotate, can fold back as it attacks the air; a mid air boom strike is most spectatular ;).....

tail blades need to be loose, almost flopping about.. but with no sideways slop at all ....

31-10-2008, 05:37 PM
I have always used the method of turning the heli on its side with the blades horizontal and "dipping" or bouncing the heli slightly. The blades should fall, but not straight down. Its hard to explain.

As Peter said... the larger the heli, the tighter the blades need to be. I thought I had the blades tight on my Trex600n, until I spooled it up and they just about folded up on themselves. Another 1/2 turn and they are still "loose" enough to straighten, but they won't fold up when spooling up.

You don't want them too tight though, as they will not be able to find their natural position and you will end up with a major vibration issue

02-11-2008, 08:14 PM
Peter you actually answered my question as well, tight is good!:thumb:

I theory there is a crush tube in the blade so you wont destroy the blade, but is the blade surposed to move for crash purposes or just the ability to fold them away?


Tappet Head
22-11-2008, 04:00 PM
The blades are made to move as they lead and lag a tad in flight, plus, it lets them find there natural position to ballance the heli,if there to tight the heli will wobble\ vibrate and fly like crap, too loose and they will kill ya boom. My Gaui 200 is quite loose, so is my Dragonus, but they wont fall when the heli is put on its side, same for my larger helis, tilt the heli on its side, give it a quick shake/bump, get the blade to a point were it starts to drop then nip it up to stop. If you find ya heli is behaving badly and the blades arent dropping, back em off a little bit, it should settle it down. If they flod back on spool up, there way to loose, eventually you will get a feel for it.