: RC Dyno - Drift tuning

09-01-2008, 03:44 PM
Got a call from my LHS this arvo, suggesting I drop down to see his new toy - and to bring along my drift car.

My LHS has been the sole place for Nitro Drifting R&D over the last couple of years, and can you imagine my delight when i walked in and saw a complete digital RC Dyno tuning setup?


No more guess work for tuning - this thing is UNREAL. Suffice to say, I left my drifter with him while I head off overseas next week, as he has also just successfully ported out a .12 engine that hit 63,000 RPMs on the dyno. The engine is going on my Stage D RS4 over the next week and will be tested for it's merit drifting. It will no doubt explode in nitro-fueled glory, as it is a 'yum-cha' [cheap chinese STS something a-rather brand], but damn R&D is fun.

I asked for a very quick demo - to test the RB .21 currently on my car. Didn't get to do a complete test - as we only whacked in a 1/4 tank of fuel and it was idling for a while during the initialising stage, but results were:

Approx 2.4HP @ 17,000 rpms
1st gear top speed - 48kmph
2nd gear top speed - ran out of fuel before i could ping it out to higher RPMs
Did 105mtrs in 4secs (16 sec quarter mile - WooHoo!! Without full throttle test!!)Dyno fits everything from 1/10th -> 1/5th scale, which is where the Baja is going when i get it!!! The amount of data it captures is insane - from KW / NM Torque, to KMPH, Distance / time travelled etc - all printed out ready to compare different tuning set ups.

Took a very quick vid:


Me likey-long time!! :D

28-01-2008, 09:42 PM
my baja will be seeing his dyno in the near future

25-02-2008, 10:01 AM
which RC shop is this?? and where about in sydney is it?

25-02-2008, 08:01 PM
which RC shop is this?? and where about in sydney is it?


Preview of the demo site. No other pages are public as yet, but when I get my act together they will be - along with a domain name!

BTW - Monaroman, I spoke to Dennis today (to confirm the delivery of my Baja SS!! WooHoo!!) and he mentioned you dropped in with your beast for a dyno run. How did you go? He was blown away by the anger that was vented through your machine in the form of RC horsepower!

Big G
25-02-2008, 08:22 PM
what car is that on the dyno in the pic?????

25-02-2008, 10:13 PM
what car is that on the dyno in the pic?????