AUSRC.COM - AUSRC.COM Subscribers Promotion - October 2011 - $549 Value!!
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  • AUSRC.COM Subscribers Promotion - October 2011 - $549 Value!!

    Hi Guys,

    Fred from RC Hobbies has done it again, and bumped the prize value of the October draw up to $549. And this time it is 1/8 Scale, 4WD and Brushless.....

    The Subscribers Promotion for October 2011 is the new Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 4WD Monster Truck.

    The all-new MT4 G3 is ready to convince your neighbors that the brushless power rules! Powered by the high torque IBL-40/20 2000Kv brushless motor and twin battery packs, the MT4 G3 can pull wheelies, back flips and get air off the jump easily!

    The differentials of the MT4 G3 are equipped with steel spiral bevel gears to help it handle the brutal torque of the IBL40/20 2000Kv motor. The MT4 G3’s 3mm rigid aluminum chassis and brace are securely mounted and the brace cover features vents to keep the batteries and electronicscool. The MT4 G3 features full CVD drive shafts and high quality bearings to deliver maximum efficiency to survive from the outrageous torque and abused operation.In addition to this, the ACE RC cougar 2.4GHz radio system is also included right in the box to give you the most long-range, convenient and reliable radio control.

    For more information, visit the RC Hobbies link here:

    The draw will occur late in October at RC Hobbies at a time to be decided. We will publish the date and time so people can attend the draw if they wish.

    To be eligible for the promotion, all you need to do is have a current AUSRC.COM Subscription on the day that the promotion is drawn. The prize includes postage to any Australian address.

    The draw is structured as follows:

    Bronze Subscribers (Annual Fee $25) = 1 Entry
    Silver Subscribers (Annual Fee $50) = 2 Entries
    Gold Subscribers (Annual Fee $75) = 3 Entries
    Platinum Subscribers (Annual Fee $100) = 4 Entries

    Good luck to our eligible members!!

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    1. AUSRC's Avatar
      Currently, here is the competition:

      Platinum Subscription (4 Entries each)
      Baja Dan

      Gold Subscription (3 Entries each)
      BigKev aka The Frog

      Silver Subscription (2 Entries each)
      euro glider

      Bronze Subscription (1 Entry each)

      So on THE FINAL LIST there are 32 members in the running for this great prize, consisting of 75 entries.

      For those that don't gamble, here are your current odds:

      Platinum - 18.75 to 1
      Gold - 25 to 1
      Silver - 37.5 to 1
      Bronze - 75 to 1

      GOOD LUCK!!
    1. Baja Dan's Avatar
      Cool, thanks Chris & rc hobbies
    1. crusey_aus's Avatar
      Good Stuff
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      Sweet, its not a plane but I do like the look of that!

      Good luck members you'll need it.
    1. towie964's Avatar
      Woo Hoo, another cool prize.

      Good Luck to All.
    1. RatsacK's Avatar
      I'd love to win this beast. Can't wait!
    1. stevo1957's Avatar
      Nice work Fred...........thanks for your ongoing support.

      I guess I could stoop so low as to drive a land based vehicle when I win will be like the old days.


    1. rjgowrie's Avatar

      Back off fellas. :-)
    1. Mr.Leopard's Avatar
      Id love to win this, just to make me feel better from all the times I've been ripped at rchobbies and the useless customer service I need to put up with

      Sent from my HTC Vision using Tapatalk
    1. Sandman77's Avatar
      Let the pre comp sledging begin
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      And where is your sub Sandy?
    1. towie964's Avatar
      Yeah Sandi, you need to be in it to win it.

      Remember the Bigger the Subscription the more chances you have. I say...Go Large Go Platinum
    1. towie964's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Sandman77 View Post
      Let the pre comp sledging begin

      Oh yeah and I forgot...

      Sledge Sledge Sledge.

      Couldnt think of anything smart to say
    1. rjgowrie's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by towie964 View Post
      Oh yeah and I forgot...

      Sledge Sledge Sledge.

      Couldnt think of anything smart to say
      Hey Pete, get a haircut ;-)
    1. Sandman77's Avatar
      I'm thinking about it, but moneys tight as always, so I'll see.
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      Has there been a date for the draw of the comp??
    1. towie964's Avatar
      Late October is all I know at this point, but if I had to guess, I would have an each way bet on the last week-end in October.

      Good Luck to all who are entered, and for those who arent....It IS Not Too Late to Subscribe and Be Entered into this Brilliant Promotion.

      Subs start from $25, which is not really that much when you consider the benifits.
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      Your not meant to tell people that Pete, then the odds of you and me winning will go down the drain!

      na the more subscribers the better
    1. towie964's Avatar
      Sorry L-D....yeah like L-D need to subscribe, there are already enough people in the draw, no point making the odds to hard for us...wink wink.

      Is that better L-D?
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      Yes now you got it! once I win then you can promote new comers to subscribe!